We offer 5-8 day shipping to the US
We offer 5-8 day shipping to the US
Lint Remover Pro II
Lint Remover Pro II
Lint Remover Pro II
Lint Remover Pro II
Lint Remover Pro II

Lint Remover Pro II

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Introducing the Lint Remover Pro II the #1 rated tool for your carpets, car, clothes, furniture, bedding, upholstery & more. Bring them all back to a fresh, brand-new condition just like when they were new!



Why you should get our Lint Remover Pro II



  Effectively Removes All Types Of Hair

  Simple & Easy To Use

  Easy To Clean

 Guaranteed results 

Lint Remover Pro II is the only lint remover designed, constructed, and optimized for maximum hair and dust removal with minimum effort.



one side is shaved, and the other side is smooth, so it can be used on rough and sensitive surfaces.



It shaves smoothly. Say goodbye to hair and hairballs, and It also takes care of clothes to make them more stylish.


How Does It Work?

  • It's as easy as pie!

  • Drag your Lint Remover Pro II across the fabric while applying a little pressure.

  • The copper teeth are designed to only remove any excess material or bobbles from the fabric.

  • Collect all the hair, fluff, fuzz & pills, and throw them away.

  • Your fabric is now looking great again!




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